Special Offers

Bravecto – Buy 4 doses, get a free exam with purchase!

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Thursday Specials!

Nail trim’s $5.00 off

Anal Gland Expression $2.00 off

Friday Special!

Multiple Pet Day! First pet exam $34.50, second pet exam $18.50, limit 2 pets per visit. Dogs & cats only.

Everyday Specials!

Heartworm test half off with purchase of 6 months of heartworm prevention medication.

Heartworm test FREE with purchase of 12 months of heartworm prevention medication.

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New Patients only, Exotic & Pocket Pet Exams 10%off!

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Flea Prevention

Comfortis, buy 3 get 1 free!

Comfortis, buy 6 get 2 free!

Advantage Multi

Up to $75 rebate with purchase of 2 6-packs and free heartworm test!